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My name is Yvonne Zürcher born on 03.08.1973, a qualified animal behaviourist.

My interest in animals goes back to my childhood and I have always felt a very close connection to them, which has not changed. Hamsters, horses, rats and rabbits have shared their life with me. I studied agriculture and animal husbandry in Scotland . My interest in animal behaviour became stronger. I finished my studies in Scotland , and concentrated on animal psychology. In December 2003 I graduated at the Academy of Naturopathy in Switzerland. 

A further education to become a coach and personality trainer, have additionally given me a new and interesting direction to work in. I will happily pass on my knowledge and teach you practical exercises for you everyday life.



The Teachers

My magical boys are super teachers, the best. They teach you how you are perceived by others, , where to set boundaries and to be yourself for a while. They both love playing, are very curious, happy go lucky, friendly and loving and they really like people. The two of them are looking forward meeting you soon and are eager to help you find the path to authenticity as quickly as possible.

                           Friesian-Stallion, 11.07.2001 Edzer S. aka „Esus“

                    Shetty-Gelding, 07.07.2007 Meadowmist-Pinnochio aka „Meadow“

SEE YOU SOON, Esus und Meadow

Please also visit my homepage regarding Aanimal Behaviour/Animal Communication


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